JOURNALS (Master of Computer Application)
  1. Current Science
  2. Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences
  3. Journal of Computer Science
  4. Journal of software Engineering
  5. Journal of Embedded Systems
  6. IUP Journal of Information Technology
  7. Journal of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  8. International journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing
  9. Journal of Network and Information Security
  10. Oriental Journal of Computer Science and Technology
  11. Advances Computational Science and Technology
  12. Journal of Computer Science and Applications
JOURNALS (Master of Business Administration)
  1. University News
  2. The Management Accountant
  3. The Chartered Accountant
  4. Labour Law Reporter
  5. Journal of Accounting and Finance
  6. Economic and Political Weekly
  7. Indian Journal of Marketing
  8. Indian Journal of Finance
  9. Prabhandhan: Indian Journal of Management
  10. Arthsastra: Indian Journal of Economics and Research
  11. Reserve Bank of India
  12. Abhigyan
  13. Finance India
  14. IIMB Management Review
  15. Vinimaya
  16. Prajnan: Journal of Social and Management Science
  17. South Asian Journal of Management
  18. Dalal Street
  19. Human Capital
  20. IIM Kozhikode Society and Management Review
  21. Vikalpa
  22. Yojana Journal
  23. The IUP Applied Finance
  24. The IUP Bank Management
  25. The IUP Marketing Management
  26. The IUP Business Strategy
  27. IUP Supply Chain Management
  28. IUP Knowledge Management
  29. The IUP Journal of Brand Management
  30. IUP Organizational Behavior
  31. IUP Corporate Governance
  32. IUP Entrepreneurship Development
  33. IUP Soft Skills
  34. IUP Financial Risk Management
  35. Gitam : Journal of Management
  36. Law Animated World
JOURNALS (Engineering)
  1. AMC Indian Journal of Civil Engineering
  2. Indian Journal Of Computer Science
  3. IUP Structural Engineering
  4. Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A( Civil, Architectural, Environmental and Agricultural Engineering)
  5. The Indian Concrete Journal
  6. Journal of Structural Engineering
  7. Civil Engineering Construction Review
  8. Journal of Civil Engineering
  9. Pramana - Journal of Physics
  10. Resonance - Journal of Science Education
  11. Computer Society of India
  12. IUP Journal of Computer Science
  13. Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
  14. IUP Journal Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  15. Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series ‘B’ (Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunicat ion and Computer Engineering)
  16. IETE Journal of Research
  17. IETE Technical Review
  18. IETE Journal of Education
  19. Journal of Manufacturing Engineering
  20. Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India):Series ‘C’ (Mechanical, Aerospace, Production and Marine Engineering)
  21. The Indian Welding Journal
  22. Manufacturing Technology Today
  23. Indian Foundry Journal
  24. Sadhana - Engineering Sciences
  1. India Today
  2. The Week
  3. Pratiyogita Darpan
  4. Competition Success Review
  5. Yojana
  6. Electronics for You
  7. Digit
  8. Business Today